Interview at Herman Hollerith Center

I was interviewed about my avenues for future research at the Herman Hollerith Center (HHZ) (in German).

The Herman Hollerith Center for digital business and innovative software in Böblingen is operated in partnership between Reutlingen University, University of Stuttgart, Esslingen University, and the five companies Daimler AG, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novatec, and Robert Bosch GmbH. It is supported by the city and the district of Böblingen.

The Herman Hollerith Center offers a PhD program and two master’s degree programs in Services Computing and Digital Business Management. The center is hosted by the Department of Computer Science of Reutlingen University.

The Herman Hollerith Center is located in Böblingen, the city with Europe’s largest pool of innovation. Böblingen is very close to Stuttgart with many companies around. Daimler and IBM are in Böblingen as well as Hewlett-Packard and Elektrobit. Porsche, Bosch, and many other companies are close by. Several start-up incubators are in Böblingen to facilitate radical innovations.

The research within the Herman Hollerith Center focuses on sound and effective methods for the development and evolution of software-enabled services and products and the digital transformation of organizations. The research addresses significant problems that reflect important needs of companies. The research areas include software engineering, service science, data management, smart data services, business intelligence, internet of things, enterprise architectures, business modeling and enterprise social networks.

See the interview here.